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PAST EVENT: Spark Hertel MOTORCYCLE Registration

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Proceeds are going to Beat NB, a childhood cancer foundation, and the Beautification Project of Hertel Avenue. 

Registering your motorcycle allows you to pull your bike in and park in the closed off section of Hertel from Delaware to Virgil. Having your motorcycle parked in the main event makes it eligible for the Motorcycle Awards and to be a part of the show. 10 categories of awards for the motorcycles will be chosen by a panel of judges and one lucky winner will receive the People's Choice Award. Keep in mind, in order to be eligible for the awards, you will need to register your bike with the $10 fee and then you will gain access to the main entrance to park. After you make this purchase, your ticket will be emailed to you. 

Limited event space so pre-register and show up on time to ensure you will have parking inside the main event.

NOTE: If you chose not to register and pay the $10 fee, you will not be able to pull your motorcycle into the main event and will need to find alternative parking, perhaps down a side street. 

The main entrance will be on Hertel Avenue at Delaware, show your ticket to the staff at the front table to gain access to the show. Once you pull in, staff members will be directing you where to park. 

This is a charity event after all, if you are feeling extra generous, please find a donation bucket at the Hertel Business Association booth, Spoke & Dagger Co. booth, or at the Garage Cafe. 

Details on the show:

Spark Hertel: Cars, Tunes & Two Wheels is a charity car, motorcycle and music show that will take place on June 29th from 1-7 on Hertel Avenue from Delaware to Virgil. Spoke & Dagger Co. is working with The Garage Cafe and the Hertel Business Association to put on the event. Proceeds are going to the Beautification of Hertel and Beat NB which is a childhood cancer foundation near and dear to the owners of The Garage Cafe. Anita West, on air personality at 97 Rock, who is also an active member in Buffalo's car and motorcycle scene has booked really great bands for the whole day.

VENDORS: // Hertel Business Association // Spoke & Dagger Co. // Garage Cafe & Lounge // Beat NB // Neo Cure CBD // Giga Cycles // Buffalo Made Co. // Oak & Iron // Chopskee Photography // Broken Sprocket Garage // Bertha's Diner // American Harley Davidson // Roc A Bully & Fix a Bull // Devil Chicken Design

BANDS: // Hayden Fogle Band // Miller and the Other Sinners // The Jony James Blues Band // Kenny Parker

SPONSORS: // Hertel Business Association // Spoke & Dagger Co. // Garage Cafe & Lounge // Beat NB // Howard Hanna // Warlinski's Hot Dog // Oak & Iron // Daisy's Doghouse // Soap's Development // American Harley Davidson // Italian Festival // Hardtales Magazine // Lowbrow Customs // Biltwell 


Disclaimer: By participating, you understand that riding a motorcycle is subject to foreseeable and unforeseeable risk and dangers. You further understand that operating a motorcycle is an activity that contains considerable risk of serious personal injury, dismemberment, paralysis, loss, property damage, and possible death. You hereby knowingly and freely accept the risks of all personal injury and property damage to both yourself, passenger, and to others arising from your participation in Spark Hertel. By participating in Spark Hertel, you hereby release, discharge, waive, hold harmless and agree that your dependents, successors, heirs, executors and assigns do release, discharge, waive, hold harmless against, and indemnify Spoke & Dagger Co, The Garage Cafe & Lounge, Hertel Business Association, Beat NB, and all Spark Hertel Affiliates, including their owners, employees, officers, agents, affiliates, directors, and assigns from any and all claims, whether civil or criminal, including claims of death, bodily injury, illness, loss or property damage, however caused, arising from or related to a Spark Hertel activity or ride, even if arising from failure to act or negligence of the releasees others. 

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