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Winterize Workshop: Package 1


Product Details

Package 1: Fuel Stabilizer & Fogging Oil 


1. Register for Workshop in SHOP then EVENT TICKETS
2. COUPON CODE will be emailed to you
3. Purchase package

*Current price is before the 15% off*


Winter depression is almost here. 

Learn the proper steps to winterize your motorcycle. 

This hands on workshop is *FREE* to attend and will provide you with a suggested list of products to get the job done.

Come hang at S&Dco. and learn how to winterize your bike (or come for the discounted products you have to buy anyway), meet other local riders, snack and have fun.

Spots are limited so pre-registration is required.


DISCOUNTS for those who attend: 

15% off winterization product packages***


10% off individual winterization products


***With a valid registration for the workshop, you will be emailed a coupon code for 15% off product packages. Purchase your product package online by 10/20 to ensure that you can leave the event with it in tow. (if you don't preorder, others may snag them before you do, but don't worry, we will place an order for you and it typically arrives in 1-2 business days.)

If your package includes oil, we will need your year, make & model so we can get the proper oil in stock and ready for you at the event. 

Individual winterization items can be purchased at the event for 10% off but feel free to email us with what you are looking for and we will set it aside for you.




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