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  • Voodoo Burnt Rubber '17

    Posted on July 31 2017

         Voodoo Burnt Rubber 2017   The Pre-party at Spoke & Dagger Co., July 7th Voodoo & Burnt Rubber kicked off with a pre-party right here at Spoke & Dagger Co....

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  • Babes Ride Out East Coast '17

    Posted on July 01 2017

    Babes Ride Out East Coast 2017 The first four days of June this year was spent with 500 women from all over the country who rode to Narrowsburg, NY for two nights...

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  • Born Free 9

    Posted on June 30 2017

    This was a weekend of fun in California for Born Free 9. Here are a bunch of photos we took from the trip...  We started the adventure at the Born...

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  • The Fox Run '17

    Posted on June 18 2017

     By: Jon Durham Photos by: Tifani Truelove, Carly Valentine & Jodi Drew The ladies of the Northeast started getting together last year for a weekend ride-out and camp-over called...

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  • Qween City Interviews Jodi Drew

    Posted on May 12 2017

      "I had a dream about a new motorcycle shop. It looked kind of like a badass Pottery Barn. And you’re allowed to sit down! That was probably not how the...

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  • International Female Ride Day '17

    Posted on May 10 2017

      International Female Ride Day is a day to recognize and celebrate all the women who are breaking gender stereotypes on motorcycles. So as May 6th was rolling around, I...

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  • Rise Collaborative visits Spoke & Dagger Co.

    Posted on March 08 2017

    "Spoke & Dagger is built on the notion of merging tried, true and trusted products with locally-made goods while bolstering the growing motorcycle community of Buffalo. On the surface, this...

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  • Buffalo Rising visits Spoke & Dagger Co.

    Posted on March 01 2017

    "Spoke & Dagger is action packed to say the least. In the back, by the sales bar a projector plays movies centered around bike themes – custom builds, road trips, documentaries,...

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  • Opening Week!

    Posted on December 31 2016

    2016 was a year of changes. Settling in from our move home to Buffalo from Florida, remodeling our house, job changes and we got married! And the most exciting part...

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