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Lowbrow Getdown '17

Posted on August 22 2017

It all started when 10 of us met at Nickel City Metal Works at 8am,  by 8:30 kickstands were to be up but Chris was having issues with his '61 Pan. He decided to ditch it at Angelo's shop and headed home to grab the next bike in line, Andy Sharpes' '69 Ironhead chop (tattooer and sign painter at Modern Love Tattoo). 

Finally, we were good to head out to our other buddy's house to meet up with the rest of our crew. With about 20 deep, we headed for the Lowbrow Getdown.


The ride was going smooth. We had a variety of bikes, from Jap to American, long chops to sport touring bikes, new performance and old iron.... a wide range of experience levels to boot. This trip was also 2 of the riders first long motorcycle adventure.  We had almost equal amount of women riders as we did men in our crew. We loved seeing that!


When we hit 6 hours into the trip, Craig Westfall happen to notice, while going 65 mph, that the girder on Chris' (Andy's) bike was cracked.  Someone had to be looking over him because it was a hair away from a pretty bad accident. Needless to say we owe Craig some serious beers. After we loaded the bike in the chase truck, shook off some nerves, thanked Chris' grandpa for keeping an eye on us from above, Jodi got on the back of her own bike so Chris could ride the rest of the way.  Only about a half hour more to go!

We ran into another serious issue only 3 miles away from the campsite.  We had one of our riders get into a wreck.  Her bike didn't make it the rest of the way there or home and her jeans didn't make it with the hole ripped in the butt but thankfully she walked away without any major injuries, just some road rash. As with any moto camping weekend, there wasn't anything that her box of wine couldn't heal, except her pants. They were pretty fucked. 

We had a hell of a time getting there, the weekend was just as awesome.  We love the Lowbrow Getdown because it is just camping, and riding; leaving the vendors out of it, the business aspects, the show bikes. Everyone is just there to party. 


Later we took to jumping off the cliffs of Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. The Buffalo crew had a contest for best floats (you had to have a floaty to swim in the quarry), we had a poop emoji, giant pink flamingo, a mermaid, a blow up doll, one with a beer cooler, and many more! Our crew didn't skimp out on the food either, steak, potatoes, sausages, eggs, nothing that couldn't be cooked on a fire. It was awesome to walk the campsite and meet a lot of others in the same spirits of partying, camping, and riding all weekend. Constant sounds of burnouts filled the air. At one point we would run from campsite to campsite as people had what we called, "burn out battles". Best campsite was the Russian pizza shot crew.  They had a bar set up and served people shots of vodka that you chased with a slice of pepperoni with some pizza sauce on it.  There was another site that had a light show in the trees as soon as the sun went down. It was perfect.


Thank you to Lowbrow Customs for putting on such an amazing weekend.  You gave us something to have our bikes ready for this year and something to look forward to for next year! Our Buffalo crew will represent again and probably double in size for 2018.

Well you heard our story, check out Lowbrow’s blog & photos here! 

Or watch the video recap here!


















Photos by: Jodi Drew

Article by: Sam Heansel


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