• The Fox Run '17

    Posted on June 18 2017

     By: Jon Durham Photos by: Tifani Truelove, Carly Valentine & Jodi Drew The ladies of the Northeast started getting together last year for a weekend ride-out and camp-over called...

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  • Qween City Interviews Jodi Drew

    Posted on May 12 2017

      "I had a dream about a new motorcycle shop. It looked kind of like a badass Pottery Barn. And you’re allowed to sit down! That was probably not how the...

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  • International Female Ride Day

    Posted on May 10 2017

      International Female Ride Day is a day to recognize and celebrate all the women who are breaking gender stereotypes on motorcycles. So as May 6th was rolling around, I...

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  • Rise Collaborative visits Spoke & Dagger Co.

    Posted on March 08 2017

    "Spoke & Dagger is built on the notion of merging tried, true and trusted products with locally-made goods while bolstering the growing motorcycle community of Buffalo. On the surface, this...

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  • Buffalo Rising visits Spoke & Dagger Co.

    Posted on March 01 2017

    "Spoke & Dagger is action packed to say the least. In the back, by the sales bar a projector plays movies centered around bike themes – custom builds, road trips, documentaries,...

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  • Opening Week!

    Posted on December 31 2016

    2016 was a year of changes. Settling in from our move home to Buffalo from Florida, remodeling our house, job changes and we got married! And the most exciting part...

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