Babes Ride Out East Coast '17

Posted on July 01 2017

Babes Ride Out East Coast 2017

The first four days of June this year was spent with 500 women from all over the country who rode to Narrowsburg, NY for two nights of camping along the beautiful Delaware River. We were ready to experience Babes Ride Out East Coast. 

Spoke & Dagger's BRO adventure started when Jodi rode south with 2 other ladies arriving really late Thursday night. Being BRO Merch Coordinator, she had to arrive a day early to prep/setup.  As Friday afternoon rolled around, the girls started ripping in.  So many different bikes, experience levels, and geographic starting points filled the campground.

About 10 other women from Buffalo made it there for Friday. We loved seeing WNY represent!

The 4 days consisted of tons of amazing raffles from Moto F.A.M. which is a GREAT CAUSE!

"Moto F.A.M. was started by riders. We are all in love with the feeling of freedom that riding gives us, the release of stress, the adventures, and especially the people it has brought into our lives. Nothing saddens us more than hearing a fellow rider has been involved in an accident. The first thing we ask ourselves is whether it could have been prevented, and the answer is almost always YES!

Moto F.A.M. was created to lend a helping hand to riders who have been involved in a motorcycle accident. It’s also our mission to spread awareness, improve road safety and be a voice for riders."  -Moto F.A.M. 

Jodi took home a few of the prizes when she got $200 worth of raffle tickets to support such a good cause! A custom painted helmet and skateboard by Vichcrafta tent from Polar, custom boots from Breaking Hearts Burning Rubber, a tool roll from Pack Animal, some shirts from ATWYLD, to name a few. There was also live music and entertainment, our favorite was the karaoke night! Some of the Buffalo ladies got on stage and showed their skills! ATWYLD also had their own photo booth that we had a lot of fun with. 




Saturday was for taking day rides in the area. BRO provided a bunch of different maps to cool destinations in the Catskills. If you didn't spend the day out on your bike with new friends, they had the skilled games you could take part in.

805 beer made an appearance which we were really excited about because they are at all events on the West Coast and it was our first taste, which was AMAZING. Speaking of beverages we made multiple trips to the Sailor Jerry bar for mixed drinks.


Jodi (S&D Co.) and Joanne, of Buffalo's Voodoo & Burnt Rubber sold merchandise for Babes. They made a lot of sales and met a lot of great women at the same time. It was a colder weekend, so the sweaters, jackets, and beanies were flying off the shelf.  Also because the designs were pretty rad!  Ladies from all over the country and Canada came out to ride, party, and just have a good time.  

The ride home from a weekend camp out is always interesting.  Consistently hung over for it, as well as sore from running your body thin from the ride there and sleeping on the ground. This trip home was extra "fun" because it downpoured most of the way. Jodi & Elizabeth packed up and headed out decked in their rain gear. A few hours in, the GPS took them on this detour, a scenic street off the highway. They decided to just go with it.  Like magic, the skies cleared up and it was the prettiest road of the entire trip.  They obviously had to stop for a photo op. : )

We want to thank Anya, Ashmore, & Virginia, as well as the entire Babes Ride Out team for making the event possible, their on-point organization, love and passion for women who ride, and their amazing ability to have fun.  Jodi also appreciates them reaching out to see if she wanted to help out this year.  The opportunity to be involved was a great learning experience, and the time of her life!

Until next year Babes Ride Out East Coast!  Don't forget, Babes Ride Out West Coast is happening this October. Make the trip, you'll be glad you did. 



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