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The Fox Run '17

Posted on June 18 2017

By: Jon Durham
Photos by: Tifani Truelove, Carly Valentine & Jodi Drew

The ladies of the Northeast started getting together last year for a weekend ride-out and camp-over called the Fox Run. “The Fox Run & Co. is a dedicated group of ladies located on the East Coast. Supporting, empowering, and uniting like-minded females with the same passion for motorcycles, camping and adventure” says Pioneer of the event, Lucy. The campsite itself has no cell reception, so it’s really a time to disconnect from the external noise and enjoy a weekend with other passionate female riders participating in morning yoga, on-site tattooing, a photo booth, and parties at night that consist of a DJ, an all-ladies live band and burlesque dancers.

Having suddenly heard of the event right before it started in 2016, Spoke & Dagger Co.’s, Jodi Drew, spontaneously purchased a ticket without knowing any female motorcyclists in WNY. After posting on the event page, Jodi linked up with 12 Toronto-based female riders as they passed through Buffalo on the way to their final destination in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

After the success of last year’s event, there was no doubt this year was going to be spectacular. The popularity of female riding in Buffalo has amassed a large group of participants since the 1st Annual Fox Run, so a whole group of WNY female riders were heading out in a pack to represent at the Fox Run for 2017. There are few things more empowering as a female than hopping on two wheels and hitting the road for 7-plus hours relying on your own mechanical aptitude and tool roll, with the road grime and every kind of weather and hazard imaginable between you and the destination. Staying awake only due to the power and nutritional value (or lack thereof) of the Red Bull and Slim Jim’s you packed in your bag.

For the 2nd Annual Fox Run, Spoke & Dagger Co. decided to go all-in with an event sponsorship along with a booth at the weekend home base. With all vendors, performers and classes being held only by women, Jodi was the main lady representing Spoke & Dagger Co. booth for the weekend with a few other Buffalo babes by her side. The new collection of S&D Co. product was released over the weekend and nearly sold out. The fan-favorite design features an illustration by Buffalo-born tattooer, Craig Chasen, featuring a Buffalo with a Panhead engine integrated into the design. It’s available on a tank top, tee shirt, and zip up. Ladies that are based far from Buffalo were spotted all over the event rocking S&D Co. gear, it was a humbling experience for all the WNY ladies. There were other great brands being represented at the event like First Manufacturing Co. (leather goods), Handyma’am Goods (apparel that combines style & utility for women), Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber (custom women’s boots), Iron & Metal Vintage (vintage motorcycle apparel) and more.

The weekend included a Moto Maintenance Workshop from Ducati-Triumph NYC, Awards for things like Iron Butt, Baddest Bish, Best Bike, and Best Paint, along with a seemingly endlesss supply of raffle items. An integral part of Spoke & Dagger Co.’s mission for being involved in events like this is to build and strengthen a community of motorcycle riders. While it’s currently something that is concentrated in Buffalo, we want to include East-to-West Coasters and everyone in-between. The biggest piece of these events for Jodi is to meet new ladies and to reconnect with friends. Being in Buffalo affords you access to a substantial number of major cities and meeting ladies at these events gives us better reason to travel to day-drive cities like Toronto, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston or even NYC to stay connected within the community. We’re hoping that the rad women we have met in our travels will find us in their city or maybe even give them a reason to spend a long weekend in our lovely city, Buffalo, New York.


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