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Fuel Cleveland '17

Posted on August 29 2017

Fuel Cleveland Highlights

 “An invitational show featuring motorcycle builders, rare bike owners, painters, and photographers, honoring the industry and it's crafts by carefully curating it and presenting it to the interested masses. The show last year took place in a gigantic play ground for mountain bike/bmx riders that we converted into a motorcycle heaven for one weekend; all while still providing the perfect urban, gritty setting for this Great Lakes focused show. It is a free event” 

-Fuel Cleveland


Lots of familiar Buffalo faces were there and we are happy to see people enjoying motorcycle events outside of the city.




Chris' panhead got a "nice fuckin' bike" plaque from Lowbrow, a 1961 Duo Glide in close to stock garb.

While stuck at a draw bridge in Cleveland, we contemplated jumping the edge of this ship and hitching a ride home. 


You can't go to Cleveland and not make a stop at the "A Christmas Story" house.
Check out Fuel Cleveland featured Buffalonian artists and motorcycle builders.



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