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Cheers to 4 years of Spoke & Dagger Co.

Posted on November 27 2020

We've been on an insane rollercoaster of a ride for 4 years now! We threw ourselves into the madness on Black Friday 2016 and learned everything on the fly and the hard way. Looking back on what the store looked like our opening day, I can't believe we even operated with such little inventory or charm. Fast forward to today, we are busting at the seams with product with branded pieces we've been developing and have a workshop space too! We grew our team from just Chris and I to a family of 5 with Timmy, Katie and Lindsay who have helped us hustle through our steady growth the past 4 years. 

It feels like we just opened yesterday but in the same breath it feels like I've been slaving over this child for an eternity. Every headache, every sleepless night or heart palpitating stressors this store brings for us (especially during a pandemic) proves time and time again to be worth it with each customer turned friend who then becomes family to us. 

Our community is the reason we are still alive and thriving. Our lives are blessed and full with the best fucking customers I can ask for. It sounds so cheesy to say, but on the days I want to throw in the towel, are the days when I am reminded how rad ya'll are and make it 100% worth it to us. We've attended 3 different weddings of customers now, our closest circle of friends have met during events at the shop, we've watched customers pave their own way in the motorcycle scene or build some raddd bikes, we've traveled the world on two wheels in opportunities only afforded to us because of this shop. We are reallyyyy lucky and really appreciative that you have taken in our dumb little brand into your homes and kept us riding for four years now. We will never be able to thank you enough. Cheers to 4 years and hopefully many more to come!

We've put together a timeline of all the events and parties we've been a part of or have thrown over the past 4 years. You'll quickly see that we did not fuck around and went hard with one of our missions of opening which was to create a community hub for Buffalo's motorcycle culture. Check out our story of where we've been from 2016 to today...

September 2016

Build out began: Construction and remodeling had started at Spoke & Dagger Co’s new home, 1434 Hertel Ave in Buffalo. Before us, this space was a fitness studio for body builders. (whattt?! Yup) Check out the photos below of the construction progress. We spent long days and nights constructing this place into S&D that you know today. We didn't tell many people that we were opening a shop or doing this thing until about 2 weeks before we opened the doors. Call us superstitious, but we wanted to work in private until we were fully ready to let people know about it.


November 2016

We’re Open: Spoke & Dagger Co. opened its doors for business on Black Friday 2016 

February 2017

Hatchets & Hops: We hosted our first motorcycle community event in collaboration with Hatchets & Hops. A charity raffle to raise money for M.O.T.O. Fam and a fun reason to connect and network in the moto community. We wanted to get the community of riders together during the off season to meet each other and have a rad time. From day one, the turnout to our parties have been extremely humbling.



May 2017

International Female Ride Day: Spoke & Dagger Co. hosted their first International Female Ride Day event at Broken Sprocket Garage where Dave taught a basic maintenance course for us women. I then talked the girls through proper safety gear, riding in a group and motorcycle camping essentials.


May 2017

The Fox Run: S&D Co. had their first vendor booth at an all women’s motorcycle ride and campout in Lancaster, PA. 



June 2017

Born Free 9: Buffalo’s own Christian Newman was in a bike building competition called People’s Champ. Spoke & Dagger Co went to California to support him, vote, and witness him winning first place for his sick stainless Knucklehead build! 


July 2017

Babes Ride Out 2: This is the first year I was slanging merch for Babes Ride Out East Coast, a women's only ride and campout in the Catskills. This event you get to see and all your favorite motorcycle babes from across the country and meet many new faces too.

Voodoo & Burnt Rubber 5:  This year’s VBR, S&D Co. hosted the pre-party at our store where all the raffles went to charity. We also sponsored and vended the main event. 


Best of WNY 2017:  Buffalo Spree honored Spoke & Dagger Co. with the Best Outdoor Lifestyle Store award. This was a mind-blowing accomplishment for our business that wasn't even a full year old yet.


Cleveland Bound:  Spoke & Dagger Co. attended our supplier’s event, Lowbrow Getdown and Fuel Cleveland. We love heading to another city for an event and roll deep with friends and customers from Buffalo.


August 2017

Kinzua Campout:  After attending many other ride to campouts over the years, S&D Co. hosted our very own in Kinzua, PA where we camped, rode to Kinzua Bridge and Dam with attendees from all over WNY. 


September 2017

Babes Ride N’ Rage: I headed seven hours north to Field, Ontario in another ride to camp for all women as an event sponsor. Some of my favorite rides are with my friends in Canada, exploring new places and heading so North they don't even speak English anymore.


November 2017

Winterize Workshop:  Spoke & Dagger Co. hosted a hands on workshop to learn how to winterize your motorcycle. 


Happy Birthday: The community celebrated S&D at our one year party in the only way they know how... over the top. Johnny the Barber sent a barber to clean you up, the guys next door did some motorcycle flash tattoos, lots of raffles, a piñata full of booze and lottery tickets and lots of beer!


January 2018

Carburetor Workshop:  Spoke & Dagger Co. hosted a hands on workshop to learn the basics of a carburetor 


February 2018

Cheap Thrills:  S&D Co. headed to Ashbury, NJ to vend at a motorcycle show and swap meet


Women’s Moto Market: I was asked to set up a booth at the Brooklyn Women’s Moto Market which was an event of vendors who were only women owned motorcycle company's! I met so many rad ladies that day.



May 2018

International Female Ride Day:  Spoke & Dagger Co. hosted our second annual International Female Ride Day event. This year we planned a ride and craft night.


June 2018

Babes Ride Out 3:  I sold Merch again for Babes Ride Out East Coast 3, a women’s only ride and campout.  This year I also had the opportunity to design the event tee shirt that sold out quickly!


July 2018

Voodoo & Burnt Rubber 6:  S&D Co. hosted the pre-party at our store where all the raffles went to charity.  Ya'll showed out for this pre-party. I don't think our block on Hertel has seen this many bikes at one time before.


$25,000 Grant Winner:  S&D Co. was chosen as one of 25 winners of thousands of applicants to receive a $25,000 grant at the pitch competition called Ignite Buffalo put on by 43 North, Facebook, M&T Bank, Wordpress, and more. It was much like Shark Tank in the pitch competition. It sure made me sweat but it was so worth the experience.


Lowbrow Getdown:  Spoke & Dagger Co. attended our good buds, Lowbrow Custom's event, the Lowbrow Getdown, an industry event just outside of Cleveland, OH. This year it was themed and the whole crew that rode out from Buffalo wore all white... at a motorcycle campout haha. This year was also special because one of our customers/family got engaged!



Flat Out Friday:  S&D Co. sponsored their first race team with Nationwide, Broken Sprocket Garage and Giga Cycles.  Chris #26 built a flat track bike in which he raced and got 2nd place in the hooligan class at Flat Out Friday. Bucky #58 was another S&D Co. racer and crushed his heat. Chris also raced his chopper in the "inappropriate" class and made for a good time and great photos.



Fuel Cleveland:  While in Cleveland, S&D Co. headed to vend at one of their favorite custom motorcycle and art shows, Fuel Cleveland.  


November 2018

2 Year Anniversary !! We took it easy after a summer of going non-stop and just celebrated in our minds haha

April 2019

Nitro Circus reached out to Spoke & Dagger Co. to host a pre-party event before Travis Pastrana and the gang headed to Buffalo. They raffled off tickets and swag in anticipation for the stunt show.

May 2019

International Female Ride Day: For this years IFRD we brought all the ladies to the shop for a Mechanics Course taught by Andrea from Moto Revere. Crown Buffalo was here to teach us some helmet hair styles, Kay from I AM MAGICK did some Tarot card readings and Robin from Unrooted did some custom chain stitching for the ladies. 


Hellbound the Movie Premier: We hosted the Buffalo premier of Hellbound the movie. A rad psychedelic flick filmed on 10mm that we projected on the back wall and stuffed as many people into bean bag chairs, couches, and standing to watch this trippy film.


Nitro Circus: Spoke & Dagger Co. set up a booth and enjoyed the show at the Nitro Circus event at Salen's Field with a bunch of their friends and customers.


June 2019

Chopping Spree Swap Meet: S&D Co. hosted our first swap meet called the Chopping Spree. Anyone could buy a table to set up their new, used or motorcycle goods for sale. The Garage Cafe was kind enough to host us in their beer garden. 


Babes Ride Out: Another year, another rad party riding with the ladies! I can't suggest enough how, if you are a womxn, even if you don't have a bike just yet... GO! It is beyond inspiring and such a party.

Spark Hertel: Spoke & Dagger Co. partnered with the Garage Cafe and the Hertel Business Association to shut down a portion of Hertel Ave for a car and motorcycle show. 100% of proceeds went to charity. Live bands, bike and car awards and good neighborhood fun!


July 2019

Yuppie Killer Campout: We love when our customers get so into the motorcycle scene and start throwing their own events. Yuppie Killer Campout is a no rules, all out party, motorcycle campout in Arcade, NY. This event is not for those easily offended. This pictures is maybe the only one I took where someone wasn't blowing a firework into another persons face or doing an insane burnout that their exhaust pipes turn red and someone else lights a joint off of it. haha

Fuel Cleveland: This was our favorite year of Fuel yet. Amazing venue, insane builds from all over the world, and the best time we've had vending. Fuel is a family reunion for us where we get to see and hang with our favorite builders and vendors from around the country. Definitely a show to not miss and worth the ride to Cleveland.


August 2019

Buffalo Shuffle Campout: BS is a local campout in Springville. It's fun because we typically have to travel far for all the motorcycle campouts. We love getting to play the bike games with all our old and new friends. 

NCMC Field Days: Niagara County Motorcycle Club hosts the raddest event for motorcycle games. Hot dog eating, slow race, tracker pull, barrel roll, egg snatch and more. Chris and I came in first this year for the egg snatch game which is when you have to ride weaving in and out of traffic cones in the grass and the rider has to grab eggs off the top of the cones, collect them all and not drop one.



September 2019

Gypsy Run: Gypsy Run is a campout in the Catskills, another one of those family reunion vibes where everyone rides in from around the country and you party with your biker friends for the weekend. The bike games will have you laughing your ass off that's for sure. Chris took home first place in the mini bike race but you won't want to miss the canoe pull or the kickstart races where you get to see these insanely built choppers wipe out hard in the grass.

Glory Daze: This was a rad motorcycle show in Pittsburg. It was the first year of this event and it did not disappoint. It is held at the Carrie Blast Furnace which was a really awesome venue for a bike show.

Route 16 Ramble: "Chris + Jodi of Spoke & Dagger Co. hit the road with their close friends Mikey + Kat to embark on a 600 mile motorcycle trip of a lifetime which led them across one of Northern British Columbia's most beautiful stretches of road - Route 16.

Lowbrow Customs partnered up with Fast Times Magazine and Tour Route 16 to film a motorcycle trip along the striking and mystical Route 16 in British Columbia, Canada. Chris + Jodi somehow managed to weasel their way into the production, thanks to their good friend Mikey, and haven't stopped daydreaming of being back on Route 16 since."

Route 16 Ramble has become a 4 part series for your enjoyment that you can watch here... Route 16 Ramble


October 2019

Over & Out: This is an all ladies motorcycle dirt bike campout with over 200 other women. I got a taste of what dirt biking was liked in British Columbia and wanted to learn more. I rented a bike and took a 2 day skills course with MPX Dirty Girls.

Babes Ride Out: It's been a bucket list item to head to Babes Ride Out but this time on the West Coast. I was asked to hustled Merch for them and got to experience the event from a different POV. California style.

3 Year Anniversary Party: This year S&D Co. did a costume theme anniversary party. Weekend Warrior style. Everyone was tasked with wearing their best mom and dad stereotypical biker garb full of skulls, flames, bedazzled gems and more. It was a great time. I don't know if it's the constant flow of beer at these parties but the constant laughing with everyone is something I can't get out of my mind while going through this timeline.

November 2019

Nepal: Chris got the opportunity of a lifetime to head to Nepal for 3 weeks to ride motorcycles with a group of people from all over the country who all own motorcycle related businesses or are in the industry. Here's what Chris has to say about it.. "A truly life changing ride, you hear that term often but, until you experience it, they’re just words. Riding from Kathmandu to Muktinath Hindu Temple was one of the gnarliest rides I have ever experienced. Not only was it a mix of terrain unlike any I’ve ever seen, but the views were so breath taking, a lot of the time I found myself in shock, questioning if I’m really seeing what I’m seeing. Check out Motorcycle Sherpa and book a trip of a lifetime."

January - February 2020

8 Week Mechanics Course: This was one of our favorite things we've done through our store. We hosted an 8 week basic motorcycle mechanics course. Twice a week of 8 weeks we taught every component of the motorcycle to a group of the raddest people. This included, PowerPoint slides, videos, printed notes and of course the hands on component in the intro to working on your own motorcycle. Our next session sold out quickly but Covid had other plans for us. As soon as we are able to host gatherings again, we will be doing this right away. 

March to Now 2020: 

As you know, we host and travel for many events and workshops. It's been a very interesting year of staying still. We were forced to closed from March to the end of June and our year has looked very different than years past. I have faith we will get back to the partying soon and we can't wait to enjoy it with you!



- Jodi Drew


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