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Winterize Your Bike Workshop Recap

Posted on November 02 2017

A goal of ours is to continue to grow the riding community and make riding/owning a bike a little less intimidating. So as we kicked off our first of many workshops with the steps to winterize your motorcycle since Buffalo's winter depression is almost here.  

This hands on workshop was FREE to attend and provided a suggested list of products to get the job done. Chris Drew, co-owner of Spoke & Dagger Co. had his 1973 Honda CB 360 on the lift and we got to dig in, giving each person the chance to take part in one of the steps. Snacks & beer made learning a little more fun! It was a creative meeting place to get to know other local riders as well. A big thank you to everyone who came out to hang with us and learn, we enjoyed meeting the new faces and spending time with the customers we've become friends with since we opened our doors. 

As with anything on a motorcycle, there are many ways to get the job done, but here is a brief, short version of our preferred way of doing it in case you couldn't make the workshop.

01. Change Oils & Filters  

How to: Run bike to operating temperature, let it stand for 5 minutes. Drain oils. Change filter. Fill oil to dipstick/manual specifications 

How Come: Contaminates in used oil create an acidic etch  

With What: Oil. Filter. *Seafoam Treatment 

02. Clean The Goods 

How to: Wash bike. Dry thoroughly. Wax. 

How Come: Dirt and bugs can cause corrosion / oxidation of exposed metal or damaged the paint. 

With What: Bike wash & Poly wax 

03. Lube Your Shit 

Things to Lube:  Cables, clutch & throttle, chain, jiffy/center stand, forks above seals.  

With What: Chain Lube, Cable Lube, Cable Lube Tool

04. Stabilize Fuel 

How to: Fill gas tank with fresh gas, high octane, add sta-bil

How Come: Ethanol phase separation 

With What: Fuel & Sta-bil 

05. Protect The Heart 

How to: Idle around 2k RPM, spray fogging oil into intake. Kill bike. Remove plugs. Coat cylinders for 5 sec. Keep battery on tender for winter.  

How Come: Prevents rusting internally. Keeps battery charged. 

What What: Seafoam Fogging Oil & Battery Tender



Keep an eye out for the upcoming workshops. We will post them on our social media and event pages when released!





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