International Female Ride Feature: Kat Arnold of Forever the Chaos Life

Posted on May 04 2018

Photos by Mikey Arnold @mikeyrevolt

Your Name and or Nickname:

Kat Arnold 




Lady Wolf

Where did you grow up? Where do you reside now?

I grew up in a small town called Norwalk, Ohio. I'm currently living in Cleveland, Ohio

What do you ride daily? What do you have sitting around?

I ride a 2016 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail.

Were you into motorcycles at an early age? Is it in the family? Did you just happen to get caught in the cycle web? Let us know when you realized you were hooked!

My lifelong relationship with motorcycles didn't start off very well:

  1. My dad had a motorcycle before I was born and sold it to raise "us kids", so the story goes.
  2. My brief, terrifying riding experience as a young kid was on a mini-bike. I was aphrenrsive about it, but my dad convinced me to get on it and the next thing I knew, I had forgotten how to brake and I ended up running into our pool's filtration system, so that was that.
  3. I sat on my uncle’s motorcycle once before Easter dinner, and the next thing I know my whole calf was burning in pain from the hot pipe.
  4. I “ran away” when I just turned 18 to be with a girl from Chicago. My parents were non-responsive about my attempt to run away until I was gone for about 2 weeks. I got a random phone call from them. My dad says “Hey, we got a new member of the family.” I asked “Mom’s pregnant?” He said, “No, I got Harley! I figured if you get to do what the fuck you want, so do I!”
  5. I went on a few mini-bike rides through some cornfields in my early 20s but that was about it!

 It wasn't until my husband, Mikey, started getting into riding in our late 20's that I caught the bug as well. I was tired of riding on the back of his bike. Plus he kept "doing" things to his motorcycle to make it less, and less comfortable to be a passenger on. Hahah. I knew it was time to get my own.

 The minute I was comfortable enough to take my own solo ride - I was hooked.

What do you do for work?

I'm a full-time digital designer in the customer experience group at an amazing insurance company!

Do you own a business?

I help run ForeverTheChaosLife.com with my husband Mikey (Revolt) Arnold. He's a brilliant photographer and storyteller. One of the things I appreciate most is that his photographs are candid, in the moment and real. Super genuine, just like him!

We sell prints of his photographs, t-shirts and even a book we designed together. He started taking photographs of hotrods & motorcycles, parties, etc a few years before we got into riding (so 8 years now). It wasn't long until he started refining his talent and getting noticed.

We have a blast going to different moto events/rides and getting to meet people from all walks of life and making lifelong friends 

He has opened my eyes to so many different opportunities and experiences. I wasn't really a risk taker until I met him! I love working with him on taking Forever The Chaos Life to the next level. We work really well together as a team, Naturally, I'm more of a planner/doer and he's more of the idea guy & the risk taker. Over the last 13 years together, we've manage to balance each other out very nicely

Whats your work life balance between Family/Friends, Motorcycles & your job?

I always strive for a balance because I know from experience that too much of one thing can make you go muy loco!

Any other hobbies besides motorcycle stuff?

I love waterfalls, hiking, exploring, relaxing in the hammock, camping, swimming, karaoke, intimate dinner parties with friends, hugging my Pomeranians Kiki & Dante and trying not to kill all my plants.

What do you think about while riding?

don't listen to music while I ride, so I really enjoy the complete silence I get. My mind is usually racing and cluttered so riding gives me the opportunity to slow down, and let my thoughts come and go. I'll problem solve and come up with some really sweet ideas while riding. Sometimes I sing to myself. Sometimes I'm in the moment, smelling and feeling everything around me. Sometimes I have Siri in my ear telling me which way to go since I always end up the leader somehow.

Who are you inspired by?

My husband, Mikey. People who are risk takers. People who don't give a fuck about what others think. People who are true to themselves. My friends! The women I get to ride with. The people who are making things happen!

Describe your favorite ride or longest ride or both!

Favorite ride - holy smokes. I can't even pick one. Each riding trip I've went on holds it's own special place in my heart for a variety of reasons. The top ones would have to be EDR (El Diablo Run) in Baja, Mexico, the Gypsy Run in the Catskills, and the one-time Skyway to the Dangerzone ride where I earned the nickname "Lady Wolf" by being the only woman on the ride through the Tail of the Dragon.

We've made lifelong friends on those trips while dealing with breakdowns, extreme temps, rain storms and good times!

Moto Goals?

Do it. It'll change your life


Ever have any close calls?

I started riding on a 2013 Harley-Davidson Sportster. I bought the bike before I even knew how to ride. I took the safety course a month afterwards, passed and never looked back! Last summer, I totaled it because I was thinking about pizza after a long 6 hour day on the road. Thankfully, I was able to walk away.



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