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International Female Ride Feature: Joanne Galley of Voodoo & Burnt Rubber & Devil Chicken Design

Posted on May 03 2018

Photo by: @kristenricephoto

Your Name and or Nickname

Joanne R. Galley - Jo

Where did you grow up? Where do you reside now?

I was born and raised in Lockport New York, and I moved to the West Side of Buffalo 6 years ago.

What do you ride daily? What do you have sitting around?

I have been riding a 1973 Honda CB500, aka the Angry Bee. She is a solid girl and has been good to me. She will always have a special place in my heart. I recently upgraded to a 2000 Sportster Sport 1200. She is a nice upgrade and I look forward to putting some serious miles on her this summer.

Share a photo of your daily

Were you into motorcycles at an early age? Is it in the family? Did you just happen to get caught in the cycle web? Let us know when you realized you were hooked!

My Dad drove a cherry Honda to work in the summer. I don't think I realized how much this influenced me growing up. I remember watching him drive off with his short sleeved work shirt and tie. My Mom got her license when she turned 50, but she didn't do much riding. I never rode a dirt bike, or a 3 wheeler as a kid, but when my husband started riding I got more involved. I made an excellent passenger, I knew the wave and hauled all the gear. Soon the bikes my husband started buying didn't have a passenger seat, and I decided I should start riding my own. I took the biker class and walked out with my license. I didn't do a lot of riding right away, but when my husband bought me the Honda for my birthday, I haven't taken a break since!

What do you do for work?

I spent 17 years managing veterinary hospitals and now I proudly manage K9 Connection Dog Training facility. I have been there 3 years and I love going to work. I get to meet great people, and some pretty awesome dogs. The owner, Tyler Muto, is an amazing person to watch work, and he is great to work for. I am really lucky.

Do you own a business?

I am the HMFIC of Devil Chicken Design, my husbands art & design company. I help plan our travel, and work on helping with all the details of keeping him fed and clothed so he can concentrate on producing his artwork. I am also HMFIC of a rad event in Buffalo called Voodoo & Burnt Rubber. This will be our six year hosting a motorcycle, hot rod, art show in our home town. We travel so much for this kind of thing so we love getting the local community together for our shared passion. Be sure to check it out this year on July 7th with the pre-party at Spoke & Dagger Co., July 6th!

Whats your work life balance between Family/Friends, Motorcycles & your job?

wow, um, that's tough. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been able to travel to a lot of amazing events while helping vend with Chris and his artwork. Each place we go we meet amazing people who have become our friends. Road trips are the best because we get to see our road friends and make new ones. I have been fortunate that my boss allows me to travel to make these great connections.

Any other hobbies besides motorcycle stuff?

I am owned by three Boston Terriers who keep me busy. I tend to dabble in activities and enjoy cooking and entertaining friends.

What do you think about while riding?

I purchased a Sena bluetooth headset, which I LOVE, and I always play Shakey Graves while riding. It's a mix of pep and chill that doesn't make me over think a make sure I am concentrating on the road, and cars...
I also think about how empowering riding is for me. I am not a super fancy gal, but when I am zipping around town, I think about the fact that it is a special skill I have embraced.

Who are you inspired by?

For my many many years on this planet, I have been drawn toward independent woman like Jane Goodall and Anne La Bastille. I am inspired by people who work hard to pursue their dreams.

Describe your favorite ride or longest ride or both!

Some of my favorite rides have been with my husband, Chris. He always looks out for me to make sure I am safe, and making it through the light... Sometimes rides end getting caught in a rain storm, but it creates great memories that I cherish.

Moto Goals?

I am looking forward to riding to Babes Ride Out East Coast this year. I have attended with my bike, but this year I get to ride there and I am stoked to make the journey with my crew. BB4L!!

What advice would you give to those thinking about getting a bike?

Do It!! Take the course, get a bike, get comfortable, and enjoy yourself. We have a great riding community who is incredibly supportive. Get out there, and be prepared for everyone to tell you how dangerous it is to ride. We all know it, so is driving, so is walking across the street, enjoy yourself.

Special bike moments that gave you all the feels?

On a perfect summer night 2017, I rolled into a local ice cream stand on my bike. I made my way to the window and got my cone. On my way back to my bike a rad chick came up to me and said, "I saw you pull in and when you took your helmet off and I saw you were a chick, I had to come and talk to you!" She has always wanted to ride and asked all sorts of questions. I encouraged her to give it a try, it was cool to be someone who may have inspired another generation of rider.

Thank you Joanne for sharing your story! Get inspired ladies and introduce yourself to her at Babes Ride Out East Coast or Voodoo & Burnt Rubber or any of the other many events she attends/works!!!


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