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Flat Out Friday

Posted on July 31 2018

Mama Tried x Fuel Cleveland:

Flat Out Friday

Spoke & Dagger Co. headed to Fuel Cleveland a day early as this was the first year they had the Mama Tried Flat Out Friday event. When Chris first heard it was coming to Cleveland, he wanted to race his first race and rebuild a totaled bike that's been laying in our garage, into a race bike. Some friends reached out, donated parts, and they got the bike up and running. 

Chris raced the XL1200 sportster in the Hooligan class where he came in 2nd. Not bad for his first race! He also hilariously raced his, in progress build, an '88 Sportster in the Chopper heat. The chopper had a hard time not scraping the frame on the turns and wiping out... whoops.

Tom Vullo, another Buffalonian represented in the Chopper class! He took a good spill in the last heat which left his bike out of commission. I think both guys learned the choppers might not make the best race bike : p

Chris' other teammate was Bucky #58 on his XL1200 Sportster. Bucky had a few races under his belt and killed it in his heat until the last round when he got a flat. 

This race ignited a serious passion and we can't wait to see the Spoke & Dagger Co. team grow and race in their next event.

Thank you to Gigacycle Garage, Broken Sprocket Garage, Nationwide Insurance & Devil Chicken Design for sponsoring the Spoke & Dagger Co. team. Special shout out to Dave from Broken Sprocket who stayed in the pits with the guys and got their bikes tuned up after each heat! Couldn't have done it without ya!


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