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International Female Ride Day Recap

Posted on May 19 2018

Thank you to those who celebrated International Female Ride Day with us!

A Ladies Group Ride and After Party at Spoke & Dagger Co.


We've seen our city grow with fearless motorcycle ladies over the past few years and we wanted to connect and ride together! There is no better time than now to ban together and empower women to let your anxiety go, remove the fear of intimidation, and stick together in this male dominated industry. We had seasoned riders and those brand new to the game join us in inspiring ladies to get on two wheels.

We started the day with a ride to Old Fort Niagara Park and hung there for a little bit and got to know each other. It was so interesting to learn about the different backgrounds, ages, careers, moms, students, etc that we had in our crew for IFRD. As we sat on the beach there, the clouds were starting to look questionable over the lake so we headed back to Spoke & Dagger Co for the After Party.

At the after party, in honor of Cinco De Mayo, we will have some delish drinks and a nacho bar. Laurel Flynn joined us in the spirit of empowering women and gave tarot card readings. She introduced herself with a very powerful speech on how there is a very feminine way to be a part of a male dominated industry and to embrace that. Also a part of the party was a fun DIY Kraft of tassel keychain with customizable metal tag to stamp with your initials (or profanity or your cats name, whatever you're into). 

Lastly, we provided a list of all the events S&D is a part of, vends at, sponsors, or just likes to attend (both women and coed events). On the back of that list were tips and tricks for Moto camping, riding in a group, planning your route, etc. We have some left and printed at the store available for the taking.

Leading up to IFRD, we did a blog series on a few ladies making waves in the motorcycle world. Check back to your blog page to read up on..

Kelly McCaughey who hosts Over & Out, a ladies only dirt bike campout.

Joanne Galley, HBIC of Voodoo & Burnt Rubber, a Buffalo motorcycle and art show. She also is a part of the team for Devil Chicken Design, who Cycle Source named artist of the year 2017!

Kat Arnold of Forever the Chaos Life, which is her husbands, Mikey Arnold photography business and rad photo book.

Jodi Drew, co-owner of Spoke & Dagger Co.

Heather LaCour, who was an invited builder to this weekends Greasy Dozen Run with her husband Chris. They hustled a rad chopper build that you can read about in the blog. 


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