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Winterize Your Motorcycle Guide

Posted on November 12 2019

How To, How Come, & With What: A Guide to Winterizing your Motorcycle

As with anything on a motorcycle, there are many ways to get the job done, but here is a brief, short version of our preferred way of winterizing your motorcycle and prepping it for winter storage. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

>> Change Oils & Filters  

How to: Run bike to operating temperature, let it stand for 5 minutes. Drain oils. Change filter. Fill oil to dipstick/manual specifications 

How Come: Contaminates in used oil create an acidic etch  

With What: Oil, Filter. 

>> Lube Your Shit 

Things to Lube:  Cables, clutch & throttle, chain, jiffy/center stand, forks above seals.  

With What: Chain Lube, Cable Lube, Cable Lube Tool

>> Stabilize Fuel 

How to: Fill gas tank with fresh gas, high octane, add fuel stabilizer

How Come: Ethanol phase separation 

With What: Fuel & Fuel Stabilizer

>> Protect The Heart 

How to: Idle around 2k RPM, spray fogging oil into intake. Kill bike. Remove plugs. Coat cylinders for 5 sec. Keep battery on tender for winter.  

How Come: Prevents rusting internally. Keeps battery charged. 

With What: Seafoam Fogging Oil & Battery Tender

>> Clean The Goods 

How to: Wash bike. Dry thoroughly. Wax. 

How Come: Dirt and bugs can cause corrosion / oxidation of exposed metal or damaged the paint. 

With What: Silicone Detailer


Below is the handout from our Winterization Workshop held in the fall.


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