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Buffalo Rising x Jodi Drew

Posted on October 28 2020

Jodi Drew Spoke & Dagger Co Buffalo Rising Video


How has the motorcycle culture changed me as a person?  Last week, Buffalo Rising stopped by the shop and asked me this question and I was honored to share my story.

I started riding motorcycles over ten years ago and back then, I knew I didn’t fit into the stereotypical biker world. I have a corporate graphic design background; I didn’t know a single other female rider and I was beyond intimidated by the mechanics. Since the opening our store four years ago, my husband and I carved our way into the motorcycle community and helped fuel this subculture in which we could open the door for all types of riders. A place where motorcycles are not intimidating. We did this by putting an emphasis on community events, collaborating and connecting people of all experience levels and educating through our basic motorcycle mechanics courses. 

This motorcycle subculture harbors some of the most generous and kind people I’ve met. Although their tattoo bearing, leather wearing appearance may say otherwise, most are big softies with huge hearts and they sure do know how to have a damn good time. The creativity level that comes out of the local Buffalo scene of bike building is unreal. It pushes me to think outside the box when working on my own motorcycle and to take inspiration from the city.

For me, the art of riding motorcycles has become the most freeing form of therapy I could ask for. Although a dangerous sport, it’s interesting how it can create so much peace and calmness while on two wheels. You experience smells and sites that you typically are too distracted to notice. You are alone with your own thoughts in your helmet to sort through the noises of your day. Once you reach your destination, your body has experienced a sense of independence, adventure, risk taking and a straight thrill you never knew you needed. And back then, I had no idea that motorcycles could bring such passion and fulfilling qualities to my life and those around me.


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We asked Jodi Drew, owner of motorcycle apparel, parts, and riding gear store Spoke & Dagger Co.: “How has the motorcycle culture changed you as a person?” From 2016, when we spoke to Jodi when Spoke & Dagger had just opened: “... their goal was to build a community – a community where a new generation of riders would feel welcome, along with veteran riders who never thought that they would see the day that this sort of bike comradeship would be fashionable again. They want riders to share their interests, their passions, and their stories. #motorcycle #motorcyles #motorcyleculture #apparel #riding #riders #motorcyclist #hertelave #hertelavenue #localmatters #buffalorising #buffalo @spokeanddaggerco @paintmewinter @ace.medias @geojohnjr @russianrou1ette

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