Babes Ride Out Through The Eyes of a Non-Rider

Posted on June 23 2021

What’s up Moto fam? Lindsay here, the newest member of the S&DCo, team. I’m on the social media and marketing side of things, but you might’ve seen me behind the counter when Chris & Jodi are out of the “office.” Don’t let them know that I blast Britney Spears when they aren’t around. It’ll be our little secret.


This year I had the opportunity to attend Babes Ride Out. I’m sure you’ve heard us mention it in the past, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s an all-women motorcycle camp out in Narrowsburg, NY. Women ride their bikes from all across the country to get together and have one hell of a weekend. 


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Hey Lindsay, but you don’t ride a motorcycle, and you really don’t like camping, so why would you want to go?” First I would say, how do you know me so well, and second I would say, why the hell not? After living through the dumpster fire that was 2020, I’ve been saying yes to any and every cool opportunity that is presented to me, and after hearing Jodi say how much fun the event is, I would be stupid not to go.


Fun fact: if there are any women reading this who are interested in the moto lifestyle but don’t own a motorcycle or have never been on one like myself, you can still attend Babes Ride Out! Having a bike is not a prerequisite to attending. I drove Mindy, my Mini Cooper, and I was able to bring all of my cushy camping gear, a cooler, a grill, an air mattress…basically everything that wouldn’t fit on a motorcycle. If I’m going to camp for the first time, I’m going to do it as *fancy* as possible.


When I got to the camp ground, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. All of the bikes, the tents, the RVs, and the rad women hanging out and having a great time. It was like a completely different world that I felt privileged to be a part of. I met up with Jodi, her sister, and her friends, and we set up camp and checked out the festivities. I knew that this was my type of crowd when karaoke night started, and if you know me, you would know karaoke is one of my favorite things in the entire world. My song of choice is always something by Britney Spears. Bet you never thought that we would mention Britney not once, but TWICE in a S&DCo. blog post. Just keeping you on your toes.

Karaoke was followed by a late night shish kabob grill session and s’mores by the bonfire. Hey, if camping is always like this I can definitely get used to it. Saturday morning we walked the camp grounds and hung out under the pavilion (and took a bunch of selfies, of course) Jodi and her sister took a tintype photo which looked awesome, and then we headed into town for lunch to this cute little restaurant called The Heron. After lunch we found a little swimming spot to enjoy the chilly Delaware River and the warm and sunny weather. 

Back at camp they had their classes happening- welding, leather working, motorcycle maintenance- and the merch & raffles were hopping. You know ya girl bought some of that BRO merch. After that we made some tacos back at our campsite (again, I can totally get used to this camping thing if it means cast iron tacos) and I unfortunately had to hit the road before the late night DJ dance party as I had a family thing on Sunday morning.


So, how was Babes Ride Out as a first-time attendee, non-rider and non-camper? It was amazing! 600 women and their bikes just hanging out, laughing, having a good time, and enjoying each other’s company. There wasn’t any Mean Girl situations at all. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and chill. I would 100% do it again in a heartbeat. If you’re thinking about going next year, do it. Even if you are going by yourself, you will leave camp with at least ten new friends and a hundred new memories.


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