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Kinzua Campout '17

Posted on September 26 2017

Spoke & Dagger Co's:

Kinzua Campout 2017

The ride out started with a cold shot from Buffalo to Ellicottville at 8am in small groups or solo. Our destination was the Woodhaven Acres Campground in The Alleghany Forest, Pennsylvania. But like any true Buffalo citizens we started with breakfast and coffee from Tim Hortons in EVille, which was our official meet up spot for the ride. As we woke up from the brisk first part of the trip, our coffee and chocolate dipped donut, more people started to arrive. We took off from Ellicottville around 10:30am. The plan was to take a route headed south on the west side of the Alleghany River. This was a beautiful route, something different than the typical 219 straight shot we've done a million time before. 

On route, we then head north on the east side of river. At this point we had reached the Kinzua Dam... it's rad, peaceful and only a 20 min rip to the campground. 

While on the ride, we learned that dry counties are still a thing.  We finally found a beer supply stop in Warren, PA before crossing the river into the national forest.

After camp was set up. Partying had kicked off! Park ranger gave us a map of different shit to do. We had four cabins and the entire campsite to ourselves aside from the owners who live in a trailer on-site. They are great people who just wanted to see us have a good time. Gotta love small mom and pop places, respect comes mutually.


We partied the rest of night with more people rolling up in the evening who had to head out after work hours.  Next thing you know we have one communal fire roaring, a couple well behaved dogs, tons of laughs, beers, soda, and a fuck ton of food! We even had fun going back to our teens with campfire games like "Never Have I Ever" and "Telephone".  Play "Telephone" with a bunch of drunk perverts, it gets hilarious.

Angelo from Nickel City Metal Works got a surprise for his 30th birthday. We dished out some homemade cookies of his favorite things. (welding, beer, smokes, the veal chop, his sparkly red helmet).

It was cold at night and everyone bundled up. The cabins had heat which we cranked earlier in the day.. By the middle of the night everyone woke up sweating so we learned better for the second night. We all discussed over breakfast that the heaters work really well!! Our Saturday morning communal breakfast fire was started at 7 am, and Paddy was slinging coffees from his percolator (which fell off his bike on the ride home, whoops).  On the menu was eggs, steaks, potatoes, sausages, pepperoni, vegan options as well. Needless to say our morning was great and everyone was well fed. After breakfast we took a ride out to Kinzua Bridge. It's really cool, train bridge torn down by a tornado in 2003. Glass bottom deck on the part of bridge left standing (it’s sketchy as fuck).


There are trails all through the wreckage down below. Signs that said "stay on trail" didn't really phase us. Kids will be kids I guess : ). The site and wreckage was one of those things that was strangely peaceful.  Staring out and imaging the destruction and sound of the tornado ripping through all that steel was a crazy thought, but it was so ridiculously serene.

The fun part (not fucking fun at all!) was when we had to climb back up to the start. Most of us are ridiculously out of shape and there were steep inclines and declines. It took a few rest stops of us bitching how we need to stop smoking or to not eat so many chips but we made it back to the top with lots of photos of the memories. 


After some exploring we rode back to camp for lunch, games and another chill night of campfire shenanigans. Everyone seemed to sleep in on Sunday to about 9, we got up and rolled out at a leisurely pace.


We made a quick pit stop in Ellicottville to hang and eat lunch, get icecream and to walk and see the shops.

Then home we went! All and all it was a great weekend, and a chill camp spot. We will definitely be returning next year with more tickets available and have it be the start of an annual event we host.

Photos by: @paintmewinter @madeinanalog @huladog @catmom666 @ebdecke


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