Buffalo Shuffle Recap

Posted on August 28 2019

Living in a city, it’s not often a motorcycle camping event pops up within stone throwing distance. Last weekend The Buffalo Shuffle was just that, 45 minutes south of the City of Buffalo at the Hogarosa Campground. Roughly 60 guys and gals staked down their tents, tied up their hammocks or straight up just slept in a sleeping bag in the middle of a field. Tim Statt owner, of Gigacycle Garage and organizer of The Buffalo Shuffle, put on his interpretation of what a good ol’ biker party should be. Bands, beers, bikes, a giant bonfire, chopper games and general ruckus that ensues when so many like-minded individuals get together. Tim had mapped out a good ride out to Niagara Falls as there were so many out-of-towners who’ve never experienced its wonder. Locals, Matty and Adam, planned a fast paced hell ride down to Route 666 and back. Others had a ride planned for the beautiful Letchworth State Park. Everyone seemed to find something that suited them; our group did a short ride out to East Aurora for some breakfast at Charlie’s Diner and after explored the shops that line Main St.

From there it was back to the campground. We rolled in about 8-10 deep, with friends from Cleveland to Toronto, and had a great time shooting guns, riding minibikes and playing motorcycle games. Both nights when the sun set and the fires grew bigger, after most of the groups chaos subsided, we found ourselves sitting by our fire having a tea party. Not only was the Buffalo Shuffle a great time, it was also super relaxing and I believe all of us kind of needed that. As for a majority of us, this type of ruckus weekend has been every weekend since June. 

Great job Tim. We are all looking forward to next years Buffalo Shuffle!


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