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Nitro Circus at Sahlen Field

Posted on May 28 2019



Nitro Circus had arrived in Buffalo last Friday and did not disappoint. Chris and I showed up to Sahlen Field a few hours early as they were invited to have a booth set up to promote the S&D Co. Getting to walk on the field before the doors opened was a very cool experience. The jumps are SO much bigger when you are staring upright at it. 

First to arrive were the VIP ticket holders. They got to meet the riders, have merch autographed and walk the track as well. Alex and Rachel, who won the VIP tickets at our pre-party stopped by the booth to hang out. We were so excited that the tickets went to a couple that were so stoked to attend. 

Everyone started filling in the stadium and we ran out of stickers and are freebee flags very quickly. It was an amazing moment when I sat back and realized how many customers that we had seen attending the show. We love a good community event! The coolest part was getting to meet all the new faces and share with them about our store and our upcoming events like our Swap Meet and the Spark Hertel Event. 

The show began, Chris and I felt like a kid. Seeing the motorcross riders flip in the air, the bmx guys coming in on that HUGE drop in... mind . blown. They made it look so easy. My favorite rider, other than the obvious Travis Pastrana was Vicki, the only girl rider on the tour! That girl could flip her motorcycle like nobodies business. Go Girl! Chris had a deep love for the BMX riders. He grew up racing and seeing his reaction was a part of the show entertainment for me haha. He knew the name of every trick and he said the caliber of tricks these guys are doing now a days makes the tricks from fifteen/twenty years ago look like a joke. 

We had such a good time at Nitro Circus and are so blessed for the opportunity they gave us to be a part of it. Not to mention, we were having so much fun it didn't even feel like a work event! Thanks to everyone who came out and showed Nitro Circus that Buffalo is a great city to visit!



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